SYNAOS Traffic Management Challenge

Do you also drive at level 4?

The whole world is talking about heterogeneous fleets and VDA5050. The only question is how it looks in real life. We really want to know, and that’s why we are launching the SYNAOS Traffic Management Challenge! The first team that successfully operates on level 4 will get 25,000 euros!
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The core skills of
The IMS.

The SYNAOS Intralogistics Management System powers all facets of intralogistics operations. New implementations can be realized in record time and heterogenous fleets easily expanded – without vendor lock-in.

The SYNAOS Traffic Management Challenge

The time has come: Judgement Day! Now you can prove how advanced your traffic management really is.

Level 4 – What does that mean anyway?!

Free driving of several vehicle types on different driving courses.
Level 4 systems are capable of integrating new driving courses quickly and without prior definition of static rules and without taking existing driving courses into account. During operation, they recognize bottlenecks, conflict situations and traffic rules completely independently and ensure an optimal traffic flow. When creating new driving courses, the full potential of VDA 5050 is utilized. The system automatically relieves operators of all traffic management-related decisions and, because it can be implemented within a few days, gives them unprecedented flexibility.
The 5 levels of traffic management

The Challenge

12 hours of preparation, 24 hours of continuous operation with a maximum of 15 minutes of downtime.
Telling good stories is easy. Operating on level 4, however, is less so. As soon as you have received the final input parameters from us, the clock starts ticking. If you manage to implement the described scenario with your solution within twelve hours and only stand still for a maximum of 15 minutes in the subsequent 24-hour continuous operation, you win! You will be 25,000 euros richer and can justifiably claim that you also support lLevel 4 traffic management.
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Map layout

A shop floor as you would expect it to be in reality.
1. VDA 5050 compliant layout (nodes and edges).
2. At least 3,000 nodes.
3. Three navigation graphs, designed independently of each other.
4. The layout contains bottlenecks and bidirectional edges between two nodes.
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A truly heterogeneous fleet.
On Scale.
1. 100 AGVs on the map.
2. Three different types of vehicles.
3. Each vehicle type has different dimensions.
4. 1.5 m/s max. speed.
5. Pivot point of the vehicles is not necessarily in the center.
6. Starting points of vehicles are randomly distributed on the graphs.
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No hacks. No tricks.
No cheat codes.
1. Vehicles cannot teleport.
2. Vehicles are bound by the physical boundaries of other vehicles, so one vehicle cannot drive through another vehicle.
3. Vehicles drive on fixed trajectories.
4. Rerouting is allowed
5. At least 80 vehicles run simultaneously for a continuous period of at least 24h in continuous operation.
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To participate in the Traffic Management Challenge, simply fill out the form and briefly describe how you would solve the challenge.

Preparation phase

Before the real challenge starts, we will send you a dummy data set. You will have one week to check if your system can really run level 4.


Think you can master the challenge? You will receive the real data from us and the 12 hours begin counting down.

Du glaubst, dass ihr auch Level 4 erreichen könnt?

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Level 4 – was heisst das überhaupt?!

Freies Fahren mehrerer Fahrzeugtypen auf unterschiedlichen Fahrkursen.
Systeme des Level 4 sind in der Lage, neue Fahrkurse ohne vorherige Definition von statischen Regeln schnell und ohne Rücksichtnahme auf bestehende Fahrkurse zu integrieren. Sie erkennen im Betrieb Engstellen, Konfliktsituationen und Verkehrsregeln komplett eigenständig und stellen einen optimalen Verkehrsfluss sicher. Beim Anlegen neuer Fahrkurse  wird das gesamte Potential der VDA 5050 ausgenutzt. Das System nimmt dem Anwender alle Verkehrsmanagement-relevanten Entscheidungen automatisch ab und gibt ihm durch die Implementierung innerhalb weniger Tage eine nie dagewesene Flexibilität.
Die 5 Level des Traffic Managements

Can you do level 4?
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